What’s So Hot About Winter?

Transitioning into cold winter months happens on a very deep level- deep in your wardrobe that is.

A skim of cotton clothing has fallen, covering the sheepskin boots and chunky shoes buried in the midden of your wardrobe floor.

Out from the back of drawers come thick woolly socks,  warm hats and scarves and the fluffy soft  onesy, that neck to ankle pyjama with just one design fault; no back flap.

This is the season for mulled wine and Netflix, for binge-watching Game of Thrones and watching your tummy soften. Winter sport is best watched rather than performed, it’s so much cheaper  and avoids injuries.

Pets get cuddlier in their winter coats and taking them for long walkies is invigorating rather than sweaty. Not so much slip slop slap, more cover, top and wrap.

Soup and toast provides a quick meal easily reheated, until after a few days it starts to bubble without heating and the fermenting mix gets strained through the plug hole. Another brew can be concocted with a completely different flavour and you don’t mind you’re still living on soup.

Cuddling up under the covers with a hot water bottle is so cosy. With a jumper wrapped around your shoulders you can read a good book late into the night even though you know you’ll regret it tomorrow.

Mulled wine or hot chocolate? There are old habits to revisit you’d almost forgotten about including the delicious smell of  a hot roast  complete with roast potatoes, peas, pumpkin and gravy.

With the car heater on high, picking up takeaways from the drive-thru is almost like going out for a meal isn’t it? Facing the cold and driving through sleet to the supermarket may not be necessary if ordering groceries online and getting home delivery is an option.

As cold closes in, artistic talents come out. The half-finished handicrafts and suspended DIY missions offer a quiet night in. Take over the sitting room and spread your tools around the garage. Knitting and tinkering, cooking and carving, repairs and romance novels help pass the short days and long nights.

While your friends brag about hot yoga and riding the ski lift, mention your Pacific resort booking, the villa you occupy every year about this time. That should shut them up.