Client Success Stories

  ““Last year I was on the hunt for an effective way to get a questionnaire out to our database. I couldn’t face the task of a mail-out. So, when Anthony suggested an electronic solution, I was over the moon. We had such a good response rate from our clients by making the questionnaire accessible through our newsletter. And, the electronic process actually helped to smooth out the communication system with our clients.” – Patsy at Accountability Net.
  “The job of getting questionnaires out to our database is always a huge task and we are always trying to find ways to streamline this process. When Lara suggested putting an electronic link to the form in our newsletter, I could just feel the stress melt away. The process was so easy, and effective!” – Rebecca at Cleaver Partners Ltd.
jims-mowing-logo “I received 6 new jobs from my existing customers that I would not have got without Open Resources Email newsletter service! By not keeping in touch with my customers I was leaving money on the table!” – Alison at Jim’s Mowing.
momentum-business-solutions-logo “Thanks so much for arranging my very first newsletter, it looks really good. Soon after it went out, I had an email from a client I haven’t dealt with in a while wanting some more training. So being top of mind really works!” – Linda at Momentum Biz.
babta-logo “Our monthly newsletters really jog our customers memories and get them calling us up where they wouldn’t have done otherwise.” – Melanie at Babta.
3rd-arm-admin-logo “We had a call from a new client who saw our newsletter at someone else’s office!” – Sue at Third Arm Admin.
first-class-accounts-logo “Thank you for such an easy and professional service. We had always tried to do this ourselves but never could. A welcome relief.” – John at First Class Accounts New Zealand.
aspire-logo “Our clients are really enjoying the newsletters we send out. They look professional and the content is interesting. We even had one client ring to specifically ask that we subscribe her, as her husband was receiving our newsletters and she wanted to get them as well!” – Maria at Aspire training and Business Solutions.
new-zealand-childcare-finance-logo “Fantastic. Our existing clients have acknowledged the extra communication and we have definitely picked up new clients from the prospect names we added to our customer list. Thank you so much.” – Lena at New Zealand Childcare Finance.
tango_face_smile_115986 “Ha ha, it appears that the newsletter also works as a debt collector! I had a customer that hadn’t paid and I was going to call them today and they have just responded to the newsletter to apologise they hadn’t paid yet and were just putting their money though.” – Client has requested anonymity.