We increase your sales and enhance your customer loyalty.

Email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, content creation. We do it all.

Everything in life centers around effective, regular communication – just ask your spouse! Business is no different – you need to maintain close relationships with your customers and suppliers and all those important to your long term survival.

Now days, relying on a website and telephone only is not enough – every business needs social media sites and professional, effective newsletter communications. And, these proven effective tools need to be managed.

This is what Newsletter Ready does – we setup, and manage business newsletters and social media sites. We do the entire thing – from build, to content creation and placement, to send the newsletters and posting blogs. We are experts in this communications industry and work so you do not need to – of course you approve what we distribute prior to newsletters being sent, but this is a two minute per month task.

Your branding

Our content becomes your content. Everything carries your logo and branding.

Relevant content

We produce content relevant to your business, and supply alternatives if you wish to change.

You maintain control

We obtain your approval before sending direct to your contact list.

Email Newsletters

Every month we set our content writers to work to produce and source relevant articles for your business. We then construct a superb formatted newsletter that is fully branded with your colours, imagery and logo and personalise it so it features your customers name as well as yours. Next, we send it to you for approval. Once any changes you may request have been made to the draft preview, we send it to your contacts and customers on your behalf.

We do all the hard work of researching, writing and designing your newsletter, so you don’t have to! It’s the perfect service for busy professionals who know the value of keeping in contact, but don’t have the time.

Social Media

Every business should have a prominent presence on at least the following social media platforms: LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter and Google+. If your business does not have these social media pages, we can establish them for you. We can also make regular postings tot hese sites, ie, we will manage the site for you. We post three times to each site you have – that’s up to 576 posts each year!

Content Supply

Many clients undertake their own newsletters and social media postings, but still struggle for content – this is where we help. Each month, we email clients four articles relevant to their business. We supply the articles in an open Word format so clients can simply cut & Paste the content from our email into their website, newsletters, social media platforms, internal communications, sales collateral or any other place they choose. Beacuse Newsletter Ready owns the content, clients have no copyright issues to worry about.