Social Media And Property Management Making It Work For You

Social media is now a very valuable marketing tool for businesses. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and in New Zealand alone it has 2.9 million users – an amazing 61% of the population. And there are hundreds of thousands of us using other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. It’s no wonder then that property managers and landlords are increasingly using social media to market their rental properties and appeal to prospective tenants. In this article we look at how social media can help your property management business.

Live video

Probably one of the most significant developments in social media for property managers has been the live video applications of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others. These live apps provide unique opportunities to reach your target market, drive conversations, capture leads and convert sales.

What’s more, you can also upload a video to YouTube that highlights the benefits and advantages of your properties and management.

Neither of these options require any great technical know-how. The technology is very easy to use, making it accessible even to the complete novice.

Targeted marketing

Each social media platform has a particular demographic that it appeals to. Facebook being the most popular has by far the widest reach but the demographic tends to be older with those aged under 30 preferring to use platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. So one of the great advantages of social media marketing is that it enables you to promote brand messages and two-way conversations directly to your target audience. If, for example, you wanted to market your property management services to students in a university town, then most likely you would focus your efforts on Instagram or Snapchat. But if you wanted to market directly to executives with families then you would probably concentrate on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Promote trusted adviser status

Regular postings on social media that provide consistent messages will help you to develop an authoritative, trusted adviser brand status. If you can promote a sense that are trustworthy and reliable and that your properties are a good place to call home, then you will increase your sense of community and will win more leases and tenants in the long run.

The power of social media is not to be underestimated and increasingly consumers are using it to check out brands before making a choice. The potential for property managers in marketing vacancies, promoting your services and reaching out directly to landlords and tenants is huge and you cannot afford to ignore it any longer. So get yourself online but be aware that results may not happen overnight. It takes time to develop a consistent social media brand so be prepared to give it at least a year before seeing real results.