Your Booster Email

Leverage your newsletter – Engage and stimulate sales!

What could you offer your clients that will get you A LOT of yes’s and start a dialogue?

Automotive industry – “Hey Nigel, Are you due for a service?”
Bookkeeper – “Greetings Max, I’d like to offer you a free accounting software audit. How is next month?”
Finance – “Hi Jim, Are you confident in your retirement plans?”
Real Estate – Hi Anthony, We have an Investment property information evening coming up, would you like to come?”
Web Design – Hi Dan, Adwords is going crazy for some of our clients – have you thought about having a go?
Home Maintenance – Hi Asher, would you like to book a house wash before the BBQ season hits?
Or Any Industry – Hi there, would be interested in ‘insert your easy yes, lead in product or service here’?

*Warning – do not send a booster email to clients you have not been in regular communication with!