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Gaining Fresh Perspectives: Dos And Don’ts On Selecting Consultants

From time to time most businesses require the expertise of external consultants. The varied perspectives that consultants bring to a project together with their expertise and experience can be the difference between successful completion of a project and floundering in the doldrums.  But how do you make a selection when there are so many available? In this article we look at the dos and don’ts to make that process easier.
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Healthy Habits For Life

It’s easy to slip into bad habits when it comes to our health and looking after ourselves. Here we identify some bad habits that people often find themselves acquiring. These bad habits can become big concerns so make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap by avoiding these common ones.
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Six Things You Need To Know As A New Landlord

Rising property prices within New Zealand and especially Auckland have led many to consider investing in property as a business. Buying a house and renting it for a profit sounds simple enough. In fact, successful property management is possible, especially if you follow some basic guidelines.
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Four Easily Avoided Tech Mistakes For Small Business Owners

Small business owners often juggle many balls at once. However, take your eye off one ball for even a short time, and the whole lot comes tumbling down. Similarly, taking your eye off technology could result in very expensive consequences. Avoiding the common mistakes we identify here though is a good starting point. Paying upfront for software Whether it’s due to a lack of experience or lack of expertise
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What Does The Future Hold For Businesses?

Trying to predict the future is always an imprecise science. But there are some key business trends emerging that may well impact on your organisation and how you run it. In this article we examine those emerging trends so that you can be well prepared and assess how you might respond. Millennials make way to Generation Z Until very recently all the business media were full of talk about how the…
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Natural Disasters: The Cost To The NZ Insurance Industry

Natural disasters: the cost to the NZ insurance industry Figures recently released by the Insurance Council of New Zealand suggest that natural disasters cost the insurance industry $115 million in 2015. In fact, nearly 2,000 claims were made last year as result of floods, storms, cyclones and tornados. Major insurance events last year included the following  Whanganui River flooding Damage…
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Merchant Cash Advance Or Business Loan? Choosing The Best Option For Your Company

Most small businesses at some point will seek external funding to support growth. Usually that’s achieved through a bank loan. However, merchant cash advances are becoming a popular source of funds. Here we look at the pros and cons of the different funding types so you can make the right choice.What is a merchant cash advance? If you’re unfamiliar with this type of funding then let’s first be clear about what it is.
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The Importance Of A Personal Brand & How To Develop One

Whether we like it or not, we all have an online presence. It could be your social media or LinkedIn profiles or work-related information. Maintaining a strong online brand is just as important for you as it is for any company. Here we look at tips on developing a strong personal brand.Google yourself You won’t know exactly what information is available until you Google yourself. What key data is missing and what needs to be taken down?
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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

Research tells us happy employees are more loyal and productive and so keeping staff content should be a priority for every business. But what makes them happy? You may be surprised to know that a pay increase isn’t necessarily one of them. Read on to find out how you can keep your workforce happy. Work-life balance Many employees will readily forgo a pay rise in favour of a better work-life balance.
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Passionate Investing

Investment doesn’t have to just be about real estate and stocks. As the number of super-wealthy people increases, the value of passion investments like collector cars has become a more significant part of investment portfolios. Quick takeaways if you’re in a hurry: Investing doesn’t have to be a dry economic pursuit. Instead, making the extra effort to invest in things you’re passionate about
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