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Three Ways Cyber Crime Is Impacting On B2B Companies

From tablets to smartphones, everyone is connected to the internet, making the whole issue of cybersecurity a hot topic.  A recent report from the global information security advisory firm Herjavec Group shows that the worldwide cost of cyber crime is likely to reach $6 trillion per year by 2021. And the fear of cyber crime is changing the way that consumers behave online, causing a ripple effect that is being felt by B2B companies.
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Artificial Intelligence: What You Need To Know

If you think artificial intelligence (AI) is some futuristic concept more likely to be seen in a Hollywood sci-fi movie than your average Kiwi business, then it’s time to think again. AI, or the computer science of creating intelligent machines that mimic human capabilities, is increasingly having an impact on the workplace. And it’s not just the big corporates either that are using the technology. The truth is that all businesses need to be looking at ways to apply AI in their operations if they want to stay in the game. And so, in this article we look at how AI is changing the face of business.
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Which Is The Right Structure For Your Business?

When you’re starting out, the structure of your business is unlikely to be top of your list of priorities. You’re more likely to be focusing on finances, marketing and product development. But the business structure you select has important implications as it affects your tax, liabilities, growth and investment opportunities whether you’re self-employed or a company. And so, in this article we provide an overview of the three main structures.
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4 Steps You Can Take Now To Improve Staff Productivity

Improving the productivity of employees is a goal of all businesses, but how do you go about achieving it in your workplace? In this article, we share some easily implemented, practical ways that you can improve staff productivity today.
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Energy instability puts pressure on Australian SMEs

Small businesses and homeowners all over Australia have been faced with rapidly increasing energy costs over the last several years. The increase has been so drastic that the country went from being one of the lowest-cost energy markets a decade ago to compete with Germany and Denmark for the most expensive power bills in the world today.
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How A Clean Work Environment Can Raise Team Morale

Do you have a bunch if grumps or a team of happy smurfs at your office? If your team morale could use a bit of work, it might be time to have a look at the state of your office. Because, did you know that having a clean work environment can do wonders for team morale? Let’s look at why that is.
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Why Your Small Business Needs an Accountant

As a small business owner you will be used to doing lots and lots and lots of tasks for your business. You are often the CEO, the financial controller, the head of operations, the warehouse manager, the receptionist, the delivery driver, the cleaner and every other role that is needed to keep a business running smoothly. But there are some tasks that are best left to the specialists. Finances are one of those tasks. If you get them wrong, you can land you and your business in hot water.
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The New Standards for Methamphetamine Testing

The wait is over, the new standards for meth testing have been released. Aiming to guide landlords on the exact process to test their properties for meth contamination, and how to clean them if traces are detected. The new standards are designed to give people greater confidence in available properties, now that there is an understanding of how harmful certain levels of meth can be. Let’s have a look at…
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Generate Word of Mouth as a Small Business

Word of mouth and referrals are the most powerful kind of advertising for your business. When someone gives your business the seal of approval and begins to tell their friends, their colleagues, their family, their neighbour’s cousin… then that lead becomes worth its weight in gold. Think about it, if someone you trust tells you that a shop is great, or a service is wonderful, then you are going to take their…
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10 Tools To Increase Your Office Productivity

There are only so many hours in the day, and we want to make sure that we get the most out of those hours. Especially when there is work to deliver and deadlines to meet. So how can you get more time in the day? You can get more productive! And how can you get more productive? You use the available tools to streamline your processes and prevent you from having to double handle tasks. Want to know more? Then have a read of our favourite 10 productivity tools.
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