Make Room For Big Ideas In Your Business

In an ever-changing world, businesses are forced to innovate to stay afloat. But where do those ideas for innovation come from? Many businesses are under resourced, with workers being forced to take on greater than usual workloads. There is the constant pressure to be on the ball and productive. With flexible work arrangements, often the lines between work and home are blurred, with workers being immersed in a constant world of data with no downtime.
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10 Tools To Increase Your Office Productivity

There are only so many hours in the day, and we want to make sure that we get the most out of those hours. Especially when there is work to deliver and deadlines to meet. So how can you get more time in the day? You can get more productive! And how can you get more productive? You use the available tools to streamline your processes and prevent you from having to double handle tasks. Want to know more? Then have a read of our favourite 10 productivity tools.
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The First Step To Being More Organised

Does the thought of organising your life terrify you to your very core? That things are so messy in every area, that organisation is a far off distant dream? Being organised can actually be easier than you think. Let me tell you how. Defeatist Attitude. Overwhelm can be a killer for getting organised. When you walk into your house after a long day at work, or being out with the kids, and there is mess on every surface
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10 Essential Email Habits

Email can be a great tool, and email can be a tool for procrastination or overwhelm. It’s not email itself that decides, it’s how you use it. There was a time when I declared email bankruptcy, but these days I do it 2-3 times daily and power through it quickly and minimally. I’ve developed a set of habits that work for me, helping me to keep email minimal and productive and still be able to focus on…
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Some FAQs Regarding Payroll and Annual Leave

What’s the difference between holiday pay and annual leave? When a full-time or part-time employee starts a new job, they accumulate holiday pay from their start date. Holiday pay is 8% of their gross earnings and calculated in dollars. When the employee reaches their anniversary date, their holiday pay becomes annual leave and is calculated in hours or days. At this date, they can take annual leave. They also start accumulating holiday pay for the next year…
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Office Services

The range of office-related services available in New Zealand is large; from typing and word processing services, documents and bookkeeping, secretarial and hiring of office space, to jazzing up your office with art and plants, the options are considerable. We take you through New Zealand office services and what you need to know to service a successful office…
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Office Calendars

As a great corporate gift or a gift for customers or employees, calendars are handy ways to show your appreciation while broadcasting your branding or marketing message.  While calendars are traditionally given in the months running up to the new year, there’s nothing to say you can’t print a calendar that begins mid-year and give it to clients and suppliers as a surprise gift…

NZ Courier

While e-mail and other instantaneous forms of communication have taken significant prominence over snail mail correspondence over the last 15 years, there is one form of mail which has not (and will not) ever be taken over by a virtual service. Courier posting lets you send items speedily via post. Whether it be a gift basket across town, TV set to another city or birthday gift across the globe, the physical sending of non-paper items cannot be replaced by an online alternative…

Make Your Own Business Cards

For those who are particular about their designs or simply looking to save money, if you make your own business cards you can save on expensive graphic designer costs and also have more control over the finished product.  There are a number of facilities online that you can use to design your own business cards. These online design services often also have simple options for printing so that you can order your printing as soon as you have completed your design…

Data Backup

If you’ve ever been in a situation in where you’ve been about to finish an important business project only to have your computer unexpectedly crash, you’ll know how frustrating losing your data can be.  Imagine losing all your important company files permanently: everything from business files, to client contact information, to tax returns. Although it’s natural for most of us to prefer to stick our heads in the sand in hopes that it will never happen to us, the cold hard reality is that it could…