Top Five Rules To Keep The Cash Flowing In Your Business

With up to 50 percent of new Kiwi small businesses failing in the first five years, finding ways to keep the cash flowing is critical, especially in those early days.  If all customers paid their bills on time and your business never bought any stock without selling it quickly, then everything would be fine and dandy. Sadly though, it’s never as straightforward as that. Especially if you’re a B2B company, customers can and do take several weeks to clear invoices.
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The Top 5 Entrepreneur Traits Investors Look For

So what are the key personality traits that top entrepreneurs possess? That is the golden question. Is there a magic formula that allows you to set up, scale and run a successful business? It seems many of the entrepreneurs that investors are willing to back have similar personality traits. The fantastic thing is, that if you don’t possess these traits, then you can work to hone many of them.
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New To Investing? What You Need to Know

Bonds, securities, diversification and ROI are all common parlance in the world of investments so if these sound like a foreign language to you then this article is essential reading. While most of us are not going to make a career out of investing, many are interested in earning a bit extra to supplement our retirement plans. And so if you’re thinking about dabbling in the stock market or investing in bonds…
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Successful Property Investment: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

With rising property prices throughout the country and especially in our towns and cities, investing in property can seem like a sure fire way to make money. Successful property investment, however, requires careful planning and preparation so let’s look at some common mistakes that novice landlords often make. Not making sure the numbers add up. Making sure the numbers add up goes beyond the initial purchase price.
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Calling All Investors: Top Tips On Investing To Maximise Rewards And Minimise Risk

If you’re like the average Kiwi investor, then your primary investment aim is protecting your investments against inflation and growing capital to cover you in your retirement. However, those traditional investments such as cash and term deposits that offer a high degree of certainty and stability often struggle to achieve a decent return once inflation and tax have been taken into account.
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Successful Investment: Four Principles To Guide You

A successful investor is one that maximises gains and minimises losses, right? Yes, we all instinctively know what makes for successful investment, but how do you actually go about mitigating risk without sacrificing the returns? The trick is to have clear objectives from the outset and to stick with the plan. In this article we look at the key strategies effective investors use to achieve success. Have a clear plan
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Should You or Should You Not Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

When it comes to investment strategies, you often hear the term diversification. It’s a fancy word used in the investment world, and means that you spread your money out into various investments rather than putting the money into one basket.  Therefore, you put your money into various companies… not one! Don’t just invest in the U.S. stock market; invest in the international one as well.
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How to Borrow Unsecured Monies

Want to borrow some money? Don’t have a house you own to use for collateral? Here are some do’s and dont’s to guide you. Start with the big guns: If you need to borrow some money as an unsecured loan, your first port of call should be your own bank, where your wages go into. The reason why you should go to a major bank is because of the structure of the unsecured loan
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Commercial Property Investment

A commercial property is generally a property that is leased to a business, such as office or retail space. Commercial property investment in New Zealand offers investors good opportunities to make stable long term returns. However, it is probably not suitable for the everyday investor looking to make some money in property. The research and analysis required is more rigorous than that needed for a residential property investment, and obtaining finance and servicing loans can also be more difficult…

Cash Investments in New Zealand

What are cash and fixed interest investments? New Zealand cash investment and fixed interest investments involve you as an investor lending your money to a bank or other organisation in return for interest payments. Risks associated with this form of investment are generally the lowest of all asset classes. Fixed interest and cash investment in New Zealand will normally produce a regular, reliable income, whilst protecting your initial capital and providing the additional advantage of a relatively liquid investment…
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