The Difference Between Good Leaders and Great Leaders

Some leaders are good, and then there are the ones that are truly great. What is that one thing that puts a great leader so far above a good one? You can see good leaders a mile off. They do all the right things when it comes to leadership. They have an impressive array of skills like great communication, they work to a strategy, they encourage their team to excel, and they make smart decisions. A good leader is someone that can inspire and excite their team in the good times and the bad.
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How A Clean Work Environment Can Raise Team Morale

Do you have a bunch if grumps or a team of happy smurfs at your office? If your team morale could use a bit of work, it might be time to have a look at the state of your office. Because, did you know that having a clean work environment can do wonders for team morale? Let’s look at why that is.
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6 Tips For Negotiating The Best Starting Salary

If you’ve just landed that dream job then congratulations, but did you realise that you have more leverage than perhaps you first thought when negotiating a starting salary? Employers that have just invested a considerable amount of time and effort in selecting you as their top candidate are often willing to go the extra mile when it comes to offering an attractive salary. So how do you make sure that you…
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Is Your Health And Wellbeing Impacting On Your Performance At Work?

It’s Friday morning and you had trouble getting to sleep last night so despite the double shot espresso you’ve just knocked back, you’re struggling to stay focused during the team meeting. Or maybe you were running late this morning and so skipped breakfast before grabbing a pastry from the bakery on the way into work.
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3 Ways To Enhance The Mental Wellbeing Of Your Employees

Finding ways to enhance the mental wellbeing of your staff members is good for business. Companies that invest in building and maintaining employee wellbeing report higher levels of productivity, creativity and customer satisfaction. What’s more, they also report lower levels of absenteeism and sickness and they are able to more easily recruit and retain employees.
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How To Get The Very Best From Of Your Employees

Employees are the most important asset that any company has so finding ways to get the most out of your workforce makes good business sense. Companies that encourage employee engagement, growth and development tend to be more productive, have lower rates of absenteeism and staff turnover. In this article, we share our thoughts and how to get the most out of your employees.
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4 Must-Ask Questions For Outsourced HR Providers

For small businesses outsourcing can make a great deal of sense. It frees you up to get on with developing and growing the business and it often saves you time and hassle. Human resources (HR) is one of those business operations that is ripe for outsourcing. But what are the essential questions you need to be asking potential service providers? In this article we identify the key issues you should be addressing.
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How To Build Relationships Within A Virtual Team

The days of employees being tied to their desks from 9-5 are gone. Modern ways of working including flexible hours and remote working mean that your office team is likely to be a virtual team rather than one that occupies the same office space. So while virtual teams may be great for staff morale and a better work-life balance, building relationships and maintaining a sense of connection within a virtual team is a challenge for managers.
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Help Employees To Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance

Happy employees tend to be more productive employees. One way that you as an employer can help staff members to feel happier is by promoting a better work-life balance within the office. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, staff can feel as though they are expected to be connected to the office 24/7. Not being able to switch off can lead to burn out which in turn leads to additional…
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Why You Should Care About how You Reject Candidates

Think back to your early days as a job seeker, when your CV was sparse and your hopes were high, and you were applying for countless entry level jobs. There’s a good chance you will have a story like this, where you got through to a face to face interview, and came away feeling confident and then….Nothing. This experience is by no means rare. I don’t need to direct you towards a survey or a Forbes article for you to know that the art of rejection is lacking in most hiring strategies…