Energy instability puts pressure on Australian SMEs

Small businesses and homeowners all over Australia have been faced with rapidly increasing energy costs over the last several years. The increase has been so drastic that the country went from being one of the lowest-cost energy markets a decade ago to compete with Germany and Denmark for the most expensive power bills in the world today.
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The New Standards for Methamphetamine Testing

The wait is over, the new standards for meth testing have been released. Aiming to guide landlords on the exact process to test their properties for meth contamination, and how to clean them if traces are detected. The new standards are designed to give people greater confidence in available properties, now that there is an understanding of how harmful certain levels of meth can be. Let’s have a look at…
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Building A New Home? Key Issues To Consider

Building a new home is an exciting but scary experience. It’s also a considerable investment. But for most of us it’s a one-off that we’ll never get to repeat, and so it’s vital that as well as having no regrets, your new home stands the test of time. In this article we look at some of the important issues you need to consider when planning your new home.
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Selecting The Right Property Manager: Key Questions To Ask

Selecting the right property manager will have a big impact on how well your investment performs. The property manager is effectively your representative and so as well as receiving rent on your behalf, will also find suitable tenants, deal with maintenance, handle disputes and sort out any issues at the end of the tenancy. It’s a big job. Select the right property manager and as well as seeing your investment grow
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How To Find A Skilled Tradie

When it comes to finding a skilled tradesperson it seems as though everyone has their own horror story. From poor quality workmanship or taking too long to complete a job to unforeseen additional costs, we’ve all had bad experiences. So how do you go about finding an honest, dependable professional to get that job done? Well, here are some tips to help guide your selection.
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The Essential Guide To Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home may be a very exciting time, but it’s also one of the most important, let alone expensive, decisions you will make. So what things do you need to take into consideration when making your choice? Carry on reading to discover our essential guide to buying your first home.
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Why Should I Clean And Tidy My House?

Perhaps the next sentence is  ‘when people seldom visit.’ Cleaning and tidying your house has far reaching effects you  will quickly appreciate. Even if others seldom drop in unannounced there’s a quiet joy in opening your front door into a calm and orderly retreat. Everything is in its place and you know where everything is. What’s the sense of having stuff if you’ve forgotten you actually own it and can’t find it when you need it?
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What’s So Hot About Winter?

Transitioning into cold winter months happens on a very deep level- deep in your wardrobe that is. A skim of cotton clothing has fallen, covering the sheepskin boots and chunky shoes buried in the midden of your wardrobe floor.
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7 Quick And Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Power Bill

Want to save some money? We all do of course and in this article we’ll share some tips on how you can do just that. Now, these don’t require any great lifestyle changes or significant personal sacrifice. No, all that’s required is more careful consumption of electricity and guess what?
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Ready lawn or grass seed: what’s the best option?

When it comes to adding value to your property, nothing does the job quite like a luscious lawn. A first-class lawn will add that wow factor to your home and is important in creating that all-important first impression. But what’s the best way to get that lush, green lawn that you’re after?
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