Fun-Filled Family Time: Get Active With The Kids

There’s no doubt about it life nowadays is busy what with working, commuting, kids and family life. Sometimes it can be hard to fit everything in and usually it’s exercise that falls off the radar when life is so busy. But rather than finding excuses, here are some great ways to get the whole family moving! As well as setting a good example to your kids and instilling a good habit into them, you’ll also be having lots of family fun! So get your trainers on and get active!
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7 Quick And Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Power Bill

Want to save some money? We all do of course and in this article we’ll share some tips on how you can do just that. Now, these don’t require any great lifestyle changes or significant personal sacrifice. No, all that’s required is more careful consumption of electricity and guess what?
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8 Reasons Why Tourists Love New Zealand

Over 3 million tourists visit New Zealand each year. And many of these tourists have visited us multiple times before. So what is that visitors love about New Zealand? What makes them keep coming back? And what can we learn from this? Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to gain a different perspective on things that we take for granted. And so in this article we take a look at what tourists love about this country.
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How To Save Money On Your Power Bill

When it comes to saving money on your power bill, the old adage of look after the cents and the cents will look after the dollars comes into play. It’s the small steps that you take that will have a cumulative effect. This will add up to being good news for your pocket and it will also be good news for the environment.
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Tramping In NZ: How To Make A Safe River Crossing

If you’re a keen hiker in New Zealand then chances are that sooner or later you will need to cross a river during one of your tramps. New Zealand is after all full of rivers, has quite a high rainfall and has comparatively few bridges. Indeed many of the country’s most popular tracks have river crossings including the Holdsworth-Kaitoke Tramp in the North Island and the Copland Track in the South Island.
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Food For The Soul: New Zealand’s Great Walks

Planning your summer holidays? Instead of the usual sun, sea and sand holiday, have you considered tackling one of the Great Walks? We are very fortunate in this country to have some of the world’s most spectacular walkways and tracks, offering a variety of unspoilt landscapes to enjoy. From glacier-covered valleys and mountain passes, to lush tropical rainforests or golden beaches, New Zealand has it covered.
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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an annual worldwide call to action to encourage people to think about global warming and how we can reduce climate change. Organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the event is held on the last Saturday of March each year. Households, Businesses and Councils are encouraged to turn off their lights and any non-essential electrical appliances for one hour. Earth Hour was first…
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Sustainable Living

What is sustainable living? Living sustainably means living smartly. It means reducing your impact on the environment without compromising your lifestyle. It also means saving money. Reducing your environmental impact doesn’t take much effort. It just means thinking carefully about the way you dispose of your rubbish, and use electricity and fuel…
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How Can We Save Energy?

When we work harder to save energy, everyone wins. Saving energy not only helps cut our costs on power bills but also works towards helping the environment and protecting our planet’s natural resources. Our planet has a finite number of resources that our ever-increasing population is consuming at an incredible rate. The more we can do to reduce our dependence on the world’s resources, the brighter the future for the generations that we leave behind…
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Tips for Recycling Plastic

It’s a substance we use every day, that facilitates much of the convenience we experience when we shop, cook and eat. Plastic is a miraculous substance that exists all around us and seems to have limitless applications – pipes, shopping bags, containers and more. In terms of practicality, it’s hard to beat.  But this practicality comes at a price – potentially a devastating one…