3 Bad Habits That Keep Success Out Of Reach

Success. Do you look at some people and wonder how they got to be so successful? Surely they have some magic success formula.The thing with success is that it looks different to everyone, so there can’t be a magic formula. Perhaps it is a million dollar fortune, a high powered corporate role, owning multiple properties, or even achieving that work life balance.Did you know that you could be sabotaging your own success?
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Ridiculous Rules And Silly Statutes!

For a small nation, New Zealand has more than its fair share of ridiculous rules and silly statutes. The origins of some of these decrees may have been lost in the midst of time, but there’s no doubting these bonkers bylaws will bring a smile to your face. Did you know that up until the 1980s it was illegal to wear slippers in a public place at night? And the same applied to flying a kite or beating a rug in public.
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Fun-Filled Family Time: Get Active With The Kids

There’s no doubt about it life nowadays is busy what with working, commuting, kids and family life. Sometimes it can be hard to fit everything in and usually it’s exercise that falls off the radar when life is so busy. But rather than finding excuses, here are some great ways to get the whole family moving! As well as setting a good example to your kids and instilling a good habit into them, you’ll also be having lots of family fun! So get your trainers on and get active!
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Early Childhood Education: Why It’s So Important

New Zealanders are lucky. The vast majority of Kiwi kids enjoy some form of early childhood education (ECE). In fact, New Zealand is ranked in the top third of OECD countries for participation in ECE. From the traditional kindy to private day care providers or parent-led play centres and play groups, there is a range of options available to parents. But if you thought that preschools were just one great big play date then think again.
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What’s On In September? Top Picks For Auckland

September is shaping up to be a busy month on the entertainment front. There’s plenty to choose from in terms of festivals, comedy and performing arts. Here’s our pick of September’s top events in Auckland Classic Comedy Allstars. The Classic Comedy Club, Auckland CBD Friday 12 August 2016 to Friday 30 September 2016 It can still be wet and miserable in September and the Comedy Allstars is certain to help you…
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Benefits Of Executive Education Courses

Being in the position of a business executive such as a CEO or other executive manager puts you in a position of isolation. Often the top authority in a company structure, there is often nobody higher up to turn to in the case of conflict, crisis or for generally seeking guidance. For many it’s a position that marks the payoff of many years of hard effort, but actually getting there can present a whole host of new challenges. In these situations, it can be beneficial to seek outside teaching and support. Receiving proper instruction from an institution such as the Auckland University executive education courses is a great way to rise to the challenge and receive specialised knowledge to take your career further…

Creative Jobs

They say that if you can turn something you love into a career you’ll never have to work a day in your life – but you’ll need the training to make it happen.  If you’re interested in creative jobs and an exciting career you’re first step is to get yourself enrolled in a quality design school.  Creative jobs in the multi media industries are abundant in New Zealand, with many Kiwis opting to transform their passions and innovative ideas into careers. If you have creative flair, artistic talent, an eye for detail and the desire to learn and innovate, a position within the creative industries could be the perfect fit for you…

Help Your Kids Through Primary School

For many children and parents, the start of primary school marks the first significant separation they will have experienced. For the first time, children will be away from their parents for six hours of the day, and parents may return to full-time work. It’s no surprise that it can be a stressful time for both parent and child, but it’s also the start of a system of education that will define your child’s life…

Independent Schools

New Zealand independent schools, or private schools, are governed autonomously but must meet standards set by the Ministry of Education in order to be registered. In March, 2007, the then Minister of Education, Steve Maharey, noted that “independent schools have an important role to play in New Zealand education” alongside state education providers. But what are the benefits of private education for our children?…

The Internet for Distance Learning

It seems like we can do pretty much anything through the internet these days, and distance learning is no exception. Distance learning has always been utilised by those who live far away from towns or cities, or who don’t have time to go to a school during the day, or who have difficulties participating in a normal school programme. It’s not always easy, but it’s a legitimate and valid way to gain an education, and using the internet makes it possible to gain higher qualifications through distance than ever before…